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Three Areas Of An RV That You Can't Leave Unrepaired After A Collision

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When your RV gets into an accident, you might be thinking that the damage is not all that bad. You can leave the damage as is, but the damage might actually be worse than what it appears to be. There are three areas of an RV that you absolutely should have looked at, if not repaired. If you do not have RV collision repair performed on these specific areas of damage, you may be in a world of hurt.

Damage to the Water Holding Tank Area

​Under and to the side of a an RV are three holding tanks for water. There is your clean water tank, your gray water tank, and your black water tank. The clean water tank is all of the water that is pumped into your RV for use in washing up, cooking, the toilet, and showering. The gray water tank is just the water from the sinks and shower. The black water tank is where human waste is stored. If this area of the RV sustains damage in an accident, the tanks could leak into each other, cross-contaminating the water, and/or leaking the tank contents all over the place. Check those tanks out, and make sure they are not damaged so that there will not be any health concerns or traffic tickets for leaking black water into the environment.

​Damage to the Brakes

RVs have very special brakes. These brakes are necessary for stopping an RV quickly and safely. Damage to the braking system can cause the brakes to fail, or not stop fully when you need them too. In an accident, damage to the brakes is never visible and almost always present. Have the brakes checked and repaired to avoid a second accident only weeks after the first.

​Damage to the Side of the RV Where the Refrigerator Is

​If your RV has a refrigerator, it relies on refrigerant to keep your foods cold while you are traveling. The refrigerator is always located on an outside wall, usually over the rear tire wells and near the middle of the vehicle. When this area is hit hard enough to create a sizable dent, your refrigerator is in danger of creating a major hazard. That is because it can and will spill refrigerant if the refrigerator's coils in the wall of the RV have been broken during the impact. It is illegal to drive an RV with a refrigerator this way, and it is very dangerous to your health, too. Do not drive the RV until you fix this damage.