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Towing And Repair Considerations For Commercial Vehicles

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A breakdown in a commercial truck requires a different way of handling things than a breakdown in a small car or SUV. Because the vehicle is so large, the tools and equipment required are also large and not typically found in the toolbox of a car mechanic. If you have a breakdown with a commercial vehicle there are some things you need to know. Here are some things to consider:

Who Do You Call?

Breaking down with a commercial vehicle is very different than breaking down in your car. In most cases, a company that runs a fleet will have a service contract set up with a company to take care of the repairs. If you have a breakdown, the service company is more than likely can to handle your repair needs. They may handle towing as well as repairs but if they don't they will tell you when you call in.

Flat or Damaged Tires

Something as simple as a flat tire becomes a serious roadside breakdown on commercial vehicles. There is just no way for the driver to change the tire himself as the tools required are too large to carry and the tires to heavy to lift manually. A blown tire or a recap that has come apart needs to be replaced before the truck moves down the road so calling a tire service that specializes in this repairs is necessary. In most cases, the driver can call his dispatcher and they will send a service truck to him so he doesn't have to try and deal with it on his own.

Breakdowns Requiring Towing

When a commercial drive has a breakdown that requires the vehicle to be towed into the shop, normal equipment will not handle the job. A large tow truck capable of handling not only the truck but also the load needs to be dispatch to the scene. In some cases, the load can be transferred to another truck but if that is not possible, the entire truck and load are towed into a shop that is able to handle repairs on trucks that size. If the shop where the truck was towed is not part of the service contract for the commercial fleet, work may be a delay so be sure to contact the dispatcher about the tow and where the truck needs to go. They will need to make a decision about the load as well but in most cases will send out another truck to pick it up and deliver it.

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