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3 Things To Realize About Fixing Broken Auto Glass

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If you have auto glass that needs to be fixed, here are three things that you need to realize before you take your vehicle in to get the glass fixed.

#1 Not All Glass Is The Same

The first thing that you need to realize is that not all glass is the same. The glass that your vehicle is equipped with is original equipment manufacturing glass, or OEM. This glass is specifically designed for your vehicle. Oftentimes, it also includes a mark of the brand of your vehicle. Look at your side and front windshield and you may see that it has the same brand marking as your vehicle; that is original equipment manufacturing glass.

The glass that most glass replacements companies use to replace broken glass in your vehicle is generic glass. Generic glass is designed to fit specific vehicles; however, it is not custom made to fit your vehicle. This can result in the glass not being a perfect fit since the glass was not specifically designed for your vehicle.

It is generally less expensive to use generic glass to fix a broken window in your vehicle instead of OEM glass. Be sure to ask what type of glass will be used and request the type of glass that you want used to fix your vehicle.

#2 Glass Takes Time To Settle

Second, it is important to realize that it takes time for the glass to settle once the new glass is put in your vehicle. Although it doesn't take that long to install new glass in your vehicle, you still shouldn't plan on driving your vehicle right away.

Instead, you should plan on letting your vehicle sit for a couple of hours after the new glass is installed. This will allow the glass to properly cure once it is put in place. That is why it can be great to use mobile glass repair company that can come to your work or your home, so you don't have to drive your vehicle right away.

Make sure you make the glass replacement appointment when you will not have to drive your vehicle for a couple of hours once the glass is replaced on your vehicle.

#3 Your Insurance May Cover The Damage

Finally, before you fork over the money to pay for your damaged window, check and see if your vehicle insurance will cover the replacement cost. Many insurance companies will cover the cost of replacing or fixing a damaged window, depending on how it was damaged. This is sometimes part of the general insurance coverage that you pay for your vehicle, and other times it is a special rider that you purchase for your insurance policy. This type of coverage often doesn't include a deductible or includes a much lower deductible than your regular insurance coverage. 

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