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4 Things To Consider When Hiring An Auto Shop To Replace Your Transmission

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Need a new transmission installed in your vehicle? Here are a few important things to think about when deciding which auto shop to hire for the job:

Labor Guarantees

The most important thing to think about when choosing an auto shop to replace your transmission is labor guarantees. If something goes wrong during installation and your new transmission is damaged, who will be responsible for paying for the repairs or a replacement? What will the auto shop you hire do for you if the transmission performs poorly due to an installation malfunction? If a mistake is made during installation, how long will it take the auto shop to make the necessary corrections? These are all questions that labor guarantees can answer and give you confidence.

While the chance of something going wrong during the installation of your new transmission is small, it's a good idea to make sure that the auto shop you decide to work with offers labor guarantees that will help protect your investment.  

Warranty Availability

You should also consider extended warranty options when choosing an auto shop to replace your transmission. Your new transmission will probably come with a warranty of its own, but many auto shops offer extended warranty options that will cover the expensive components long-term so your chance of facing a large repair bill in the future in minimal. So, take the time to compare all the extended warranty options that are available through each service provider you consider hiring. This will help you determine which auto shop will provide you with the best protection as the years pass.

Don't forget to keep policy costs in mind when comparing warranty options. A policy might cover the major parts of your transmission, but if it costs as much as an average transmission repair, it probably won't save you any money in the long-run. The cost of any policy you decide to purchase should be only a fraction of what a transmission repair may cost you in the future.

Flushing Services

It's a good idea to have your new transmission flushed every 20,000 to 100,000 miles after installation, depending on how well it's maintained. A regular flush will help get rid of built-up gunk that can create shifting problems and minimize the chance of slippage as time goes on. Because the service provider that installs your new transmission will be familiar with your vehicle and setup under the hood, they'd be the best one to complete flushing services for you on an ongoing basis. Make sure that the auto shop you hire to install your new transmission has the tools and ability to do flushes regularly for you. The service provider you decide to work with may even offer you a discount for this service if you agree to use them exclusively.

Additional Repair Options

You can take your vehicle to a transmission specialist to have a new one installed, but you'll then need to find a new service provider for any other repairs or replacements you end up needing in the future. Save yourself some time and stress by choosing an auto shop to work with that can not only install a new transmission for you, but also perform a wide variety of other services as you need them.

Everything from brake pad replacements and air conditioning repairs to alignment adjustments and engine overhauls should be available. This will allow you to build a trusting relationship with one another and enable your service provider to become intimately knowledgeable about your car as time goes on, which will enhance their ability to provide optimal service for you when it's needed.

Making these considerations while comparing prospective service providers to one another should help ensure that you choose an option that meets your short and long-term needs overall. For more information and to correctly compare, contact different auto repair shops in your area, such as Huntington Beach Transmissions.