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Getting Your Car Washed And Detailed Is More Important Than You Think

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Even if you always keep your vehicle in a garage at home, there are still going to be times when it is out in the elements getting dirty and dusty. While you may not think it is a big deal, and just wait for it to rain to clean it off, this won't remove anything more than the top layer of dust, If you occasionally wash the car in your driveway or take it to a self-serve washing station, you are still not getting rid of all the chemicals and grime that has accumulated. To really get the auto cleaned, you need to take it to a car wash that will take the time to completely clean and detail the exterior. Here are just a few reasons this can be important to you and the car.

Save the Paint

Over time, as dirt, road tar, and chemicals from salt and other car's emissions cling to a vehicle, it can break down the paint sealer. Once this happens, the paint itself can begin to deteriorate. In addition, with the sealant gone, the paint is more easily damaged by rough the rough scrubbing and cleansers you use to get the car clean. A professional car wash facility will use cleansers that will not damage the sealant or the paint. Keep in mind that the paint is not only there for the look of the vehicle but to protect the metal underneath from rusting. Once rust sets in, the metal is compromised, making your car weaker if there should be an accident.

Cleaning the Undercarriage

You may spray some water under the car to try and clean the bottom, but it is not enough to remove salt and tar. These substances can cause the underside of the car to rust away. If you do not want to end up with holes in the floorboards that can be weak enough to put a foot through, you need to have it professionally cleaned.

Protecting the Trim

Strips of metal, rubber, or plastic that are on the outside of the car need to be properly cleaned to avoid having them fall off or break. Any missing pieces can leave the bare metal of the car susceptible to rust. In addition, dirt, dust, and chemicals can slip under the edges of the trim and sit on the car, slowly causing things to deteriorate. Professionals can get everything clean and keep the exterior of the car looking good and staying intact.

Having the vehicle cleaned professionally on a regular basis keeps it looking good so you can get the best price possible when it is time to sell it. It will also maintain the integrity of the exterior so that it remains safe for you and your family.